It’s been a little while because…

It’s been a little while since I’ve written because: 

1)    I went to Seattle for a friend’s wedding and got my fix of fall trees, rain, and cooler weather (especially appreciated with a cup of hot chocolate in a hot tub overlooking a lake).  I got to catch up with lots of old friends and enjoy a brief visit to colder weather (yes…I know, Seattle isn’t exactly frigid but I had to break out sweaters and coats).  And I got to see seals in the wild (or they might have been sea lions – I can’t tell the difference).

2)    I came back to the Outer Banks via a couple days in Baltimore where I spent a little time visiting my parents and a little time napping on the couch with their cats. 

3)    Then I was in the Outer Banks for a whopping 2 days packing up my apartment, doing a bit of work, and, most importantly, packing for BRAZIL!!!!  We escaped Hatteras before Sandy washed out the road and I’m now in Rio waiting my final connection to Fortaleza!  I’m a bit tired (and probably a bit stinky since I’ve been traveling for over 24 hours), but its warm here and I can’t wait to get on the water!