I’m a dork

One thing that some people may not know about me is that I’m a big dork.  I like math and spreadsheets and all other sorts of dorky things.  And, thus, I’m super excited because I just got this in the mail!

I’m a big enough dork that I looked at what classes Yale is offering through its Open Course program, in which it puts online all of the lectures, problem sets, and exams from a slect set of classes.  And I got all excited when one of the courses offered is a meteorology class!  I’ve watched the first two lectures, I started the first problem set, and now I have the text book!  Now, this is just for fun (I warned you I’m a dork) – not for any sort of credit. 

But, it’s awesome!  I’ve been interested in meteorology for a while.  I spend excessive amounts of time checking the wind (and the radar and then the wind again).  Ikitesurf is one of the first websites I open in the morning and one of the last I refresh at night.  And, don’t you want to know what in the world they mean when the forecast talks about maurading fronts (never a good thing, as far as I can tell – it basically means that they have absolutely no idea what the wind will do that day)?  Now, I can understand a bit better what is actually going on!

So far its been totally interesting.  Why do we have an atmosphere?  What makes up the atmosphere?  It’s definitely not a gut class; I’m having to remember some math and science that I haven’t used in a very long time.  But, it appeals to my dorky side and my kiting side, which I’m appreciating!