Name: Susan Grossman

Born: May 19. 1982

Originally from: Baltimore!

Also lived in: Boston, New York

Now live in: Outer Banks, NC (but not year-round…I can’t take winters here so instead winter is family and traveling to warm, windy spots time)

Kiting since: 2008

Favorite trick: whatever I’ve landed most recently…although unhooked kiteloops always hold a special place in my heart

Kites: RRD Obsessions (5, 7, 9, 12 and occasionally a 10.5 when I can steal it from friends)

Board: RRD Poison LTD (mainly)

Life story in five sentences or less: Grew up in Baltimore the youngest of three girls (yes, my poor dad).  Went to college in Boston and then moved to NYC to work in community development finance.  Learned to kite.  Quit my job and went traveling around Latin America.  Moved to the Outer Banks to teach kiting and kite as much as possible. 

Next steps: I’ve switched from teaching full-time to working my old finance job as well.  The goal is still to be on the water whenever its windy…but past that, we’ll see what happens.


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