Felix quote!

I’m guessing all of you have heard – Felix Baumgart jumped out of a hot air balloon at over 128,000 ft.  I watched live on Discovery and it was unbelievable!  So today’s quote (a day later than normal) comes from Felix. 

“Fear has become a friend of mine,” he said in a statement. “It’s what prevents me from stepping too far over the line. On a mission like this, you need to be mentally fit and have total control over what you do, and I’m preparing very thoroughly.”

Felix trained for this for over 5 six years.  He’s made over 2,500 jumps including base jumps from all sorts of buildings.  He’s nicknames Fearless Felix.  But even Fearless Felix ended up almost bailing from the project during his training because his spacesuit made him claustrophobic.  But a sports psychologist and other experts helped him work through it.  And it goes to show how much, if you really want something and have a little help, you can do whatever you set your mind to (as corny as it is to say that).


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