My next vehicle?

Maybe its time to add a new vehicle to my collection…and this one would be awesome!

 OK…so anyone who knows me knows I’m joking (my vehicle collection consists of a Honda Civic which I love primarily because it just goes and I don’t need to think about it).  But the Gibbs quadski, discussed in the NY Times today, would be an awesome kiting vehicle.  It starts as an ATV that works on sand, but then it converts to a jetski.  How awesome would that be for getting out to Kite Point?

P.S. Why oh why is SW wind scheduled to come back just as I leave town?  And I know I’m not really allowed to complain when I’m heading to Brazil soon, but I would love another SW day or two on the Outer Banks!  Oh well – at least there is also supposed to be wind on Tuesday so I get to try another strapless session!


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