A little 2012 nostalgia

Most people tend to post a picture of themselves with their new quiver, but I never did that with my lovely kites from this past year.  Instead, I’ll go the opposite route and post a picture of them now as a way to say thanks to all of my gear for all of the good times. 

From the Caribbean to the Outer Banks, you have served me well.  You kept me above the water (mostly – the other times it was really my fault) in nice wind and gusty wind.  We played together in slicks, waves, and ugly, nasty chop.  You survived the occasional (or occasionally not so occasional) massive tomahawk and other slightly intense crashes.  For any of you that are moving on, you should not feel like you are being replaced, but instead that you are moving on to new loving homes that will really appreciate you (2013 kites – don’t say anything now…its not polite to gloat).  Thanks again for all of the fun times (and maybe we’ll get to play again one or two more times if the wind ever makes it above 11 mph during daylight hours).

P.S. My boots board and my new-to-me surfboard have lodged complaints that they are not pictured and not mentioned.  Sorry to those two boards – only so much gear fits in my tiny car at once.


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